Knowing a foreign language is an indispensable tool for personal and professional growth. People might have different reasons to study languages. Still, many students search for alternatives to the traditional approach of classroom training nowadays. Therefore, studying remotely with a private German teacher offers numerous opportunities for modern online education. 

Being a private German teacher

Although many other reasons contributed to my decision to become a private German teacher, the personal freedom and flexibility it brought to me was the main argument. While teaching online, I can work from simply everywhere. The only two things I really depend on are my laptop and a good internet connection. 

Besides, I get in contact with students from all over the world and different personal and professional backgrounds. Therefore, I get to know specific language-related problems. Not only do I enjoy the fact that this is challenging my teaching skills but also that it broadens my mind. Apart from that, I do believe that my students benefit from the individual attention I can offer them, and actually, the feedback I am frequently getting agrees with that. 

Since I am also studying a foreign language with an individual online teacher myself for the last two years, I also know the other side. In this article, I would like to sum up, what other benefits come with studying with a private German teacher online. 


Why studying German online?

Teaching and studying online have many benefits in common. 


Geographical boundaries

For people who live in areas where it is hard to find private teachers, this is a massive benefit of online education. But also for students who travel a lot, it turns out to be very difficult to study a language. They cannot regularly attend classes. As a consequence, they lose track and get frustrated sooner or later. Most likely, they will stop studying at one point. However, studying with a private German teacher online offers the opportunity to study on the go and always have the class material online available in a cloud. 


Teacher-student relationship

Often, interested people are afraid that they will be missing a good teacher-student relationship due to the absence of physical presence. However, in private online classes, you still see your teacher via the webcam, and your teacher sees you as well. Besides, you communicate with each other during classes. Over time, a good teacher-student relationship can develop if both fit well to each other, which is always the key to success, whether you study online or offline!


Learning environment

When you study online, you can never (!) forget your materials at home because – at least in my classes – we always save them in a cloud online. Also, there is a folder for each class that contains a document in which we can write. In contrast to an offline course, it is more convenient to write all missing vocabulary etc. Students can add their notes or translations and have everything in one file after class. Also, the student does not have to copy from the blackboard during class. Consequently, it is more effective in terms of time. Besides, the student and the private German teacher can work together in the documents simultaneously. Therefore, learners can benefit way more from, for instance, correcting homework as they can go over each mistake after class again. 


Individual education

When you learn in a class with many others, the teacher cannot respond to the needs of each student in-depth. In contrast, if you study with a private German teacher online, you can get an individual education plan. It can include a review of your actual state, setting up goals and prepare a learning plan. Also, if you studied with different resources, you might have problems with or missing certain aspects completely. Unfortunately, they can get lost in the shuffle in group classes. But you can work on them and get answers to your specific questions in a class with a private teacher. This means that you can improve in specific areas in grammar, comprehension or expression and individually prepare yourself for tests, work interviews or your next vacation in a German-speaking country.  


Study online

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. The short inside view about my work as a private German teacher online and online education has hopefully provided you with a better insight into the topic. I am looking forward to seeing you in your next class online!

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