How to have fun in German

How to have fun in German

It is a common mistake to adopt the English to have fun to German one to one. After reading this article, you will know how to say that something is fun properly.

The noun fun is “Spaß” in German but it is constantly used as “Etwas ist Spaß” – “Die Party ist Spaß” which is the wrong way to express that something is fun. In the following, I will show you four ways to use the word “Spaß” the right way:

Spaß haben (to have fun)

You can say „Ich habe Spaß” if you want to express that you are having fun.


Spaß machen (to be fun)

Something as for instance dancing can be fun. To express this in German, you would say “Tanzen macht Spaß” (literally: dancing foes fun). This works for everything except of persons. If you say “Der Mann macht Spaß”, it means that he is fun as this cannot be expressed in German the same way as one does in English.

Spaßig sein (to be fun)

This is another way to express that something is fun but to be honest it is not used as much as “Spaß machen”. Still, if you would like to use it, you can do it as follows: “Der Film ist spaßig.”


Now, as you know when to use which way and should not do this common mistake anymore.

Bis bald!


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