Why study German?

Around 130 million people worldwide speak German. It is the official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Luxemburg. Besides, it is the most widely spoken language in Europe.

Knowing German creates business opportunities, opens the doors for an academic career, and since 1 of 10 books are written in German, it also makes you benefit from its cultural heritage.

No matter if you want to move, study or enjoy culture, knowing German will improve your options – and it is not as hard as you think.

Business opportunities

Companies based in the German language area are global market leaders. Even though English is taught in schools, it might not be surprising that knowing the language of your business partners can improve successful professional relationships and will be highly appreciated.

Around 130 million people speak German  

Speaking German enables you to communicate in the most widely spoken language in Europe which is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Luxemburg.


German plays a very important role in the academic community and is the second most commonly used scientific language. Since the translation of books and articles into English is limited, knowing German will enable you to discover a whole new world or knowledge.

German with Steffie


  • You will study German online with a native speaker who is certified by the “Goethe Institute“.
  • You can study German online from anywhere and only need the internet and Skype / Zoom. We will use Google Drive for joint work.
  • You will understand and use German grammatical phenomena and become confident in common German language situations.
  • You will build up vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and accent while speaking German in common language situations.
  • You will receive your materials before the class via email.


There is no better way to come into contact with locals than speaking in their language. Even though most German speakers are confident in English, you will want to become part of the surroundings, which you are living in, and be able to manage official and everyday activities –therefore you will need to know German.


Do you like traveling to German-speaking regions? There is no better reason to study the language than using it to ease your everyday communications. Knowing German enables you to check-in, order your dinner, buy tickets or complain in the language of your host country.


German is the language of many famous philosophers, authors, composers, architects, and artists who speak and publish their work in German. Experience Goethe and Kafka, Marx and Freud or Mozart and Bach, Walter Gropius and Gerhard Richter from another viewpoint.

Additional services:​

In addition to my language classes, I also offer the following extra options which can be booked separately:

• Post-class email feedback

• Essay and text writing 

• Proof-reading



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