There are words in German, which merely are so unique that we cannot directly translate them. In this article, you will get to know the meaning of “Torschlusspanik” and how you can use it.


What is Torschlusspanik?

The word “Torschlusspanik” is a composed noun. This means that it consists of three singles nouns: das Tor (the gate), der Schluss (the end), die Panik (the panic). Now, you might ask yourself, what Germans would like to tell you with this word and what a gate, an end, and panic can mean together?


What is the meaning?

The answer is quite easy! It means that one is panic about the fact that “the gate” will close soon. “The gate” is a metaphor and it describes the fear of missing something because you are running out of time. This could be career opportunities, finding a partner or having children.



“Maik ist schon 40 und hat immer noch keine Frau gefunden, er ist verzweifelt und hat extreme Torschlusspanik.” – In English, we can translate it with: Maik is already 40 and still has not found a woman, he is desperate and is afraid to miss his opportunity.


Source of this expression

We can find the roots of this word in medieval times. Back then, if you did not make it inside the city wall before the gates closed, you were exposed to criminals, thieves, and attackers that all were expelled from the city. As a consequence, people were in a panic to miss the closing time of the gates.

Now, that you know what “Torschlusspanik” means, you can surprise your conversation partner the next time it fits the situation.

Bis bald!



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