December is Christmas time and normally, at German Christmas kids are excitedly waiting for Santa Claus to come. After reading this article you will know some of the basic German vocabularies for Christmas and what the “Weihnachtskalender” is.


The holiday month of December

In most German households, December is a busy month. They run from one Christmas party (die Weihnachtsfeier) to the other, visiting every “Weihnachtsmarkt” (Christmas market) that is opened because everybody wants to have a nice Glühwein (hot wine) together: the work, the family, the friends or the sport’s club.

For sure, December is a very important month for children. They are patiently waiting for the German Christmas eve (Heilig Abend) to come and to make their waiting time feel less long, they get an “Adventskalender” (Advent calendar) on December the first. This calendar has 24 “Türchen” (small doors) for the 24 days it takes until Christmas is finally celebrated and the presents are given. This normally happens on the evening of the 24th of December in Germany.

These days, also many grown-ups have their own “Adventskalender” during German Christmas time. Often, they are filled with a variety of things as for instance: perfume, alcohol, sweets or whatever interest one has.


Helpful German vocabulary for Christmas

die Weihnachtsfeier the Christmas party
der Glühwein the mulled wine
der Adventskalender the advent calendar
Heilig Abend Christmas Eve
der Weihnachtsmarkt Christmas market
der Schnee the snow


Now, there are 21 more days to go until the last door of the calendar can be opened! Do you also have a calendar?


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