“I really enjoy my lessons with Stefanie. She is always very well prepared, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Good pace and use of resources. I’m looking forward to my next lesson.”
(Student counselor, UK)
“I have worked with Stefanie on a weekly basis for about a year now and I am completely satisfied. I have found her to be very consistent in her level of professionalism and commitment to providing a valuable service. She is always well-prepared, uses our time very efficiently and has a range of teaching resources to draw from. At one point during our training I needed a crash course for one week. Within 24 hours Stefanie presented a customised course plan to fit all of my needs and by the end of the week, we had systematically and throughly covered everything. I recommend her for anyone looking for a trained, professional German teacher.”
(Entrepreneur, Berlin)
“I would like to thank Stefanie for teaching me German in the past 5 months in such an amazing way. Learning German can be quite complex and intricate, but Stefanie has the talent to make it seem easy, and still be very professional and create a pleasant atmosphere. Stefanie, Thanks for the time you have spent with me and all of the attention you have given me.”
(Hardware engineer, Israel)
“I like Stefanie’s teaching approach. Since I started Skype lessons with Stefanie, I’ve had a few complimentary remarks on how my spoken German improved. The lesson topics are progressive, varied and enjoyable. I’d recommend Stefanie to anyone interested in learning German.“
(Financial analyst, UK)
“I am very lucky to have found Stefanie. She is an excellent communicator and her patience and friendliness puts me at ease all the time. I would highly recommend her if you want to learn German from a professional.”
(TV-editor, Singapore)
“I studied three years with Stefanie and couldn’t be more grateful. Stefanie is a pleasure to be with as she is funny, patient and welcoming. I remember myself laughing a lot during our lessons and I always looked forward to our weekly meeting. Stefanie never cut me any slack and our lessons were held only in German, with the occasional word translated to English or Hebrew. We also read a lot of texts, worked on grammar and occasionally writing. Stefanie understood that these were the things I wanted to work on and she catered to my needs. I feel extremely lucky to have found Stefanie, and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to learn German.”
(English & Hebrew teacher, Hamburg)
“Stefanie is very patient and has a very fun and interesting method of teaching! Along with her questions, visual aids, and exercises, I feel more motivated to keep learning German.”
“Great, encouraging and supportive teaching! Explanations of aspects of colloquial language as well as logical ways to look at grammar rules. Fun and engaging lessons with a good amount of conversation, highly recommended!”
(Musician, UK)
“My husband and I have been studying German with Steffie for the past two years and it’s been a great experience. I was terrified of studying German after living in Berlin and not catching the language but then Steffie made it fun and approachable and keeps a pace that works for us. We highly recommend Steffie!”
“Steffie is a great teacher! She is very patient, always interesting to talk to her and prepares in advance for every lesson. The hours with her go by really quickly, because of the super great atmosphere. I highly recommend her!”
(Physiotherapist, Israel)
“Stefanie is super helpful. I like how she keeps it in the target language and when you don’t know a word or make a mistake she types it into the chat box so you can review it later. Excellent Teacher! I am excited to keep working with her!”
(Stundent, USA)
“Stefanie is a great teacher, she has great resources which assist in the learning process. I’m really enjoying the lessons.”
(Lawyer, Australia)