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Online German conversation course for beginners and intermediates July 2020Did you already study German and feel that you want to brush up on your theoretical skills? Then, joining a German online grammar course might be the perfect solution for you.

I am offering online Grammar workshops which focus on a certain Grammar aspect. The advantage is that instead of studying a whole German course, you can simply choose a topic and get to know all you need in a very short time.

Short German grammar courses

Each week, we will discuss a different topic.  There is a max. of 3 students per meeting (Zoom). The students are provided the material before class and get the notes that we wrote during the class and exercises for their self-studies. Besides, the class is structured in two parts: At the beginning of each meeting, we will discuss the theoretical aspect of the topic, and in the second part, we will put theory into practice. The class is recorded for your personal use only, and you can watch the course video within 7 days after the meeting. Since the groups are very small, everybody will participate, ask questions, and naturally use the German language during the sessions. The same class takes place twice a week: Mondays at 8 am CET and Mondays at 5 pm CET. If you are unsure about your level, simply drop me a message


In a nutshell: • Grammar class • 55 minutes & max 3 participants • € 16 per person • book single lessons or the whole course •


Course plan






Als, wenn & wann” (Level: A2 – B1)

In this class, we will first discuss the basics about when and how to use “als,” “wenn,” and “wann” in German. In the second part of the class, you can practice your skills and gain a routine in terms of “als,” “wenn,” and “wann.”








“Forming questions” (Level: middle of A1 – A2)

This class suits all students that want to deepen their knowledge about forming questions in German. In the first part of this class, we will study how to form questions correctly and without question words. After that, we will practice your skills by asking questions.







Futur 1” (Level: A2 – B1)

We will first discuss when and how to use Futur 1 in German. After that, you can practice Futur 1 when we speak about the future.








“The gender of German nouns” (Level: end of A1 – B2)

Many students struggle when it comes to choosing “der,” “die,” or “das” in German. However, some rules will help you find the correct gender for many (unfortunately not all) nouns in German. We will discuss them in this meeting and practice them afterward.








“Negation – nicht or kein” (Level: middle of A1 – B1)

If you always get confused when to use “nicht” or “kein” in German, this class will shed some light on the dark. First, we will discuss the rules and after that, we will do exercises to strengthen your skills.








“Basic German verb conjugation” (Level: A1 – A2)

This class suits if you are a beginner or want to refresh your knowledge about basic German verb conjugation. We will practice how to conjugate regular German verbs and what special features you must pay attention to.







“damit & um …zu” (Level: A2 – B1)

This meeting focuses on when and how to correctly use “damit” and “um …zu” in German. After a theory explanation about these final clauses, we will, of course, practice them.








“Comparative and superlative of adjectives” (Level: middle of A1 – A2)

We will focus on the comparative and superlative of adjectives in this class. In the first theoretical part, you will learn how to compare with adjectives and show that something is the most of sth. After that, we will practice your skills.








“n-Deklination” (Level: end of A1 – B2)

Often students get lost when it comes to adding the “n” to nouns in the Dative case. We will discuss when you should really use “-n” and practice it as well. For joining this course, you need to know the 3 German cases “Nominativ,” “Akkusativ,” and “Dative,”.




Booking conditions:

Students pay for bookings for online German classes in advance.

You can reschedule the booking up to 72 hours before the meeting time.

If you cancel the booking up to 72 hours before the meeting, you will receive a full refund.  But if you cancel the booking within less than 24 hours ahead of the meeting time, the whole price of the class will be due.

If there are less than two bookings, the class will be canceled and the money reimbursed within 7 workdays.



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Do you want to improve your German skills?

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