Do you currently study German or want to brush up your skills as you learned the language in the past? Don’t look further, because you can significantly improve your speaking skills this fall in my online German conversation course for beginners and intermediates! 

Online German conversation course

studygermanonline - german conversation courseI am offering online German conversation courses for beginners and intermediates this fall and winter. Each meeting deals with a different topic and during the classes, we will work on grammar, vocabulary, and self-confidence in speaking German.

The course consists of up to 8 participants and has a duration of 45 minutes. We use Google Meet, and the students are given the material beforehand for preparation. Besides, I am writing down the essential vocabulary that was unclear during the class. This way, the participants can practice and use it later on. During the sessions, everybody will be able to participate, ask questions, and use the German language in a natural manner.

When studying a language, speaking might be the hardest thing to master. Why is that so? Well, when reading or writing, we have a lot of time to look for the right words and organize the sentences according to grammar rules. But, when we speak, our conversation partner usually does not wait for 10 minutes until we found and formed everything we need to express ourselves. In addition, this fact and our own insecureness cause further pressure. As a direct consequence, we often cannot find the proper words we are looking for and completely mess up with the grammar. However, you should not bury your head in the sand. Since no one is born a master you can improve your skills by simply practicing them.


“Stefanie’s German class has been wonderful, I joined the online group class and have been able to improve my German language skills significantly. As a native German speaker and experienced teacher, Stefanie creates classes for any level, whether you have only basic knowledge of the language or are more experienced already. I greatly recommend her if you are looking to learn German!” (Pieter, Utrecht, Netherlands)

Online German conversation course for beginners (A1* – B1) in Septmeber

This course fits those students who are at the end of or have already finished A1* up to those that just started with B1. If you are unsure about your level, please feel warmly invited to contact me. The class is every Monday 5 pm (GMT +1) and costs € 6,50 per meeting.

21.09.2020 – Friends and Family

Friends and family are essential aspects of everybody’s private life. Therefore, we will focus on discussing their meaning, stories, friendship, and other facets. Book your spot

28.09.2020 – Hopes, dreams, and expectations

In this meeting, we will focus on speaking about hopes and dreams for different aspects of life. We will use “Konjunktiv”, conditional clauses, and fixed terms to express your wishes. Book your spot


“I was really glad to find Stefanie’s weekly online German discussion groups, which she so generously offered during the hard weeks of COVID-19 lockdown. Stefanie led a warm and welcoming discussion group that was really supportive and friendly, and she held a perfect balance between letting people talk and build confidence, while correcting grammar and vocabulary. It was a real highlight of the week, thank you Stefanie!!” (Tamar M., Jerusalem, Israel)


Online German conversation course for intermediates (B1* – C1) in September

This course is aiming to support the needs and abilities of students with a language level between the middle of B1* and C1. If you are unsure about your level, please feel warmly invited to contact me.  The class is every Friday 5 pm (GMT +1) and costs € 6,50 per meeting.

24.09.2020 – Food, drinks, and music

In the first class of this course, we will focus on speaking about the bright side of life. As food, drinks, and music bring people together, this class enables you to be in the middle of the action the next time, you are in a restaurant, bar, or at a concert. Book your spot


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