Finally becoming fluent in German 

Do you study German but feel too insecure speaking? Did you already study German in the past and want to strengthen your oral skills? Or do you want to boost your German before going on vacation? – Starting a German conversation course online might be the perfect solution for you! 

Testimonial: “The conversation course is one of the best ways to improve your speaking skills, highly recommended.” (Liran, Germany)

I am offering private conversation courses online. Each meeting, we will talk about 16 questions on a different topic. We will work on grammarvocabulary, and self-confidence in speaking German during the classes. I will provide you with the material beforehand for preparation. Besides, I am writing down the essential vocabulary that was unclear during the class. This way, you can practice and use it later on. You can read more testimonials here.

In the following, you can see all the currently available topics for all different German levels. If you are a teacher, you can purchase the material if you click on the subject that interests you.
Of course, scheduling unique conversation classes with individual topics is also possible.

If you are unsure about your level, please feel warmly invited to contact me.


“Stefanie’s German class has been wonderful, I joined the online class and have been able to improve my German language skills significantly. As a native German speaker and experienced teacher, Stefanie creates classes for any level, whether you have only basic knowledge of the language or are more experienced already. I greatly recommend her if you are looking to learn German!” (Pieter, Utrecht, Netherlands)

Beginners German conversation course online (A1)

Classes of this level fit those students who have already learned the first basics of German and are still at A1 or close to its end.   

Available topics:

Beginners German conversation course online (A2 – B1)

Classes of this level fit those students who have already started with A1 until the beginning of B1. 

Available topics:

Intermediate German conversation course online (B1 – C1)

Classes of this level fit those students who are in the middle of B1 until the middle of C1. 

Available topics: