Finally becoming fluent in German 

Do you study German but feel too insecure speaking? Did you already study German in the past and want to strengthen your oral skills? Or do you want to boost your German before going on vacation? – Starting a German conversation course online might be the perfect solution for you! 

Testimonial: “The conversation course is one of the best ways to improve your speaking skills, highly recommended.” (Liran, Germany)

Currently, I am offering private conversation courses online.  These courses consist of different topics for every meeting. During the classes, we will work on grammarvocabulary, and self-confidence in speaking German. Students are given the material beforehand for preparation. Besides, I am writing down the essential vocabulary that was unclear during the class. This way, you can practice and use it later on. You can read more testimonials here.

Beginners German conversation course online (A2 – B1)

In classes of this level, we focus on the essential topics and abilities of students. It fits those students who are at the end of or who have already finished A1 up to students who just started with B1. If you are unsure about your level, please feel warmly invited to contact me.

Available topics:

Sich kennenlernen (Getting to know each other)

Über die Zukunft sprechen (Talking about the future)

Über Gesundheit & Lifestyle sprechen (Talking about health & lifestyle)

Über die Vergangenheit sprechen (Talking about the past)

Über den Herbst sprechen (Talking about fall)

Über den Sommer sprechen (Talking about summer)

Über den Winter sprechen (Talking about winter)

Über den Frühling sprechen (Talking about spring)

Über Essen und Ernährung sprechen (Talking about food and nutrition)

Über Liebe und Dating sprechen (Talking about love and dating)

Über Tourismus & Nachhaltigkeit sprechen (Talking about tourism and sustainability)

Über Umwelt und Mobilität sprechen (Talking about environment and mobility)

Über das Feiern sprechen (Talking about celebrating)

Über Wohnen sprechen (Talking about housing)

Über Beruf und Karriere sprechen (Talking about jobs and careers

Über Familie & Freunde sprechen (Talking about family & friends)

Seine Meinung sagen (Telling you opinion)

Über Umwelt & Umweltschutz sprechen (Talking about the environment & its protection)

Über Gefühle sprechen (Talking about feelings)

Über Geld sprechen (Talking about money)

Über Schönheit & Attraktivität sprechen (Talking about beauty & attractiveness)

Über Träume & Wünsche sprechen (Talking about dreams & wishes)

Über Urlaub und Reisen sprechen (Talking about vacation and travel)

Über Essen reden (Talking about food)

Über das moderne Leben sprechen (Talking about modern life)

Über Hilfe und Ratschläge sprechen (Talking about help and advice)

Über Sport sprechen (Talking about sports)

Über Filme, Musik & Bücher sprechen (Talking about movies, music & books)

Über Digitalisierung sprechen (Talking about digitization)

Über sich selbst sprechen (Talking about yourself)

Intermediate German conversation course online (B1* – C1)

This course aims to support students’ needs and abilities with a language level between the middle of B1* and C1. If you are unsure about your level, please feel warmly invited to contact me.


“Stefanie’s German class has been wonderful, I joined the online group class and have been able to improve my German language skills significantly. As a native German speaker and experienced teacher, Stefanie creates classes for any level, whether you have only basic knowledge of the language or are more experienced already. I greatly recommend her if you are looking to learn German!” (Pieter, Utrecht, Netherlands)


“The conversation classes with Steffie are very effective. The list of questions sent in advance helps me to prepare and look for words I will need and use during the class, but through the answers of the other participants and the vocabulary Steffie adds online I also tend to improvise. This way, I improve even more my speaking skills. I particularly appreciate how Steffie manages the class so that everyone has the same amount of time to speak. Online added vocabulary and the fact that we have access to the list after the lesson is also a great asset. Those classes are exactly what I was looking for, and I highly recommend them!” (Delphine, Israel)