Hi everybody,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in the German conversation courses next week.

I hope to see you soon online 🙂

Viele Grüße!

All about the German conversation course

Conversation course for beginners (A2* – B1)

The beginner’s* class meets on Mondays at 6.55 pm (CET) as well as on Thursdays at 9.05 am (CET).

Topic: Friends and family

For many of us, friends and family are the essential aspects of life. Therefore, we will focus on discussing their meaning, stories, friendship, and other facets.

Book a spot for a class on:

Mo 6.55 pm – 7.40 pm 

Thur 9.05 am – 9.50 am

*This course fits those who are at the end of or have already finished A1 up to students that just started with B1.

Conversation course for intermediates (B1 – C1)

The intermediates group meets on Mondays at 6.00 (CET) as well as on Thursdays at 8.10 am (CET).

Topic: Travel & tourism

In the first meeting of this course, we will talk about travel and tourism – two topics that are more current than ever, especially if the class is in July. Get your cool drink ready for discussing many different aspects of these hot topics.

Book a spot for a class on:

Mo 6.00 pm – 6.45 pm 

Thur 8.10 am – 8.55 am




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