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The difference between “denken” und “nachdenken”

Many German students struggle when it comes to the right usage of the verbs “denken” and “nachdenken”. In this article, I will explain the meaning of each verb and how you should use them properly! The reason why it seems so hard for many German learners to differentiate between these two verbs is most likely […]

When to use “als”, “wenn” and “wann” in German

Many German students struggle with the usage of “als”, “wenn” or “wann”. After reading this article, you will know when to use which of them. Read more …

How to show a consequence in German

In German, there are several options for showing a consequence like “therefore” and after reading this article you will know them and how their proper usage. 

Denn, da, and weil – giving a reason in German

There are several ways to express a reason in German. This article explains to you how to use “denn”, “da”, and “weil” properly.

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