What is the meaning of “Feierabend”

What is the meaning of “Feierabend”

Whenever speaking about work with Germans, you most likely stumbled over the word “Feierabend”. After reading this article you will know the meaning of this word and can confidently use it yourself the next time an opportunity arises.

In German, we have a special word to describe the time after we finished work: “der Feierabend”.

Now, as you might wonder about what this word means, I will be happy helping you to understand another part of German culture. The word “Feierabend” is a compound noun and consists of the two nouns “die Feier” (the celebration) and “der Abend” (the evening). This means that “Feierabend” means something like “the evening of celebration”.

“Feierabend” can be used in different ways which results in the message that something is finished or is to be completed now as you can see in the following examples:

  • Jetzt haben wir Feierabend! (Now we finish working)
  • Wir machen Feierabend! (Could mean that you finish working at your job or finish with anything as, e.g. studying, painting or playing)
  • Nun ist Feierabend! (This has to be stopped now! / That’s the last straw!)

Well, for many people, the time after finishing work is a kind f a reason to celebrate but to be honest, this expression once had another usage. In former times “Feierabend” meant the evening before a holiday (der Feiertag). From this, the meaning of leisure time, free time or rest time in the evening can be derived which reflects in its modern usage.

Now, that you know what the meaning of “Feierabend” ist, don’t hesitate to use the word the next time you will have a chance and if you like, you are warmly invited telling me what you did after your last “Feierabend”.

Bis bald!




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