Celebrating Silvester in German

Celebrating Silvester in German

After Christmas is over, the old year slowly comes to an end, people get ready to celebrate Silvester and welcome the new year. After reading this article, you will know all the relevant words you will need for your celebration!

In Germany, people start wishing each other “einen guten Rutsch” starting from around the Christmas time. With this blessing people wishing each other to have an easy and nice start into the new year. One can use this phrase until the new year begins.

When “der Jahreswechsel” (turn of the year) comes closer, many people start to plan what they are going to do and whom they are going to meet on the 1st of December which is called “Silvester”. On this day, many people start the evening with their friends, eating and drinking together at somebody’s home or in a bar.

Whatever the people decide to do, almost everybody is counting down the last 5 seconds of the old year and when the clock shows midnight, people hug each other and start wishing everybody “ein frohes neues Jahr” (a happy new year). Now, the time has come to take out the “Sekt” (sparkled wine) and cheer (anstoßen) which all of the people in order to celebrate the new year.

Of course, there is another thing which should not be missing: “das Feuerwerk” (fireworks) and the “Böller” (firecrackers).

After all of the blessings, wishings, drinks, and firecrackers, many people continue to celebrate until the morning as the “Neujahr” (new year’s day) is a national holiday and therefore almost nobody needs to work.


In this sense, I am wishing you “einen guten Rutsch”!


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