5 German words widely used in English

5 German words widely used in English

You might wonder why there are many German words in English at all, but if you think about the topic of immigration in the last two centuries, you might not be surprised that German settlers did bring not only their family but also their language.

Besides this, German and English also belong to the same language family, and therefore they share many similar words for instance “Haus” and “house”.


Let’s check out five common German words which are widely used in English:


  1. Angst – In German “die Angst” means fear while in English it refers more to anxiety or depression
  2. Doppelgänger – In both languages “der Doppelgänger” stands for a person that looks the same like somebody else
  3. Kitsch – “der Kitsch” stands for a design which is seen as a bad taste. Thereby, it does not matter if it refers to clothes, furniture or behavior.
  4. Schadenfreude – “die Schadenfreude” refers to the mischievous joy over the misfortune of another person
  5. Kindergarten – “der Kindergarten” is a pre-school which was invented in the 18th century as in some families both parents started to work and therefore needed a place for their kids to stay. Today in Germany, kids normally go to a “Kindergarten” from the age of three until they are six or seven.


I hope that you enjoyed getting to know these 5 German words which are widely used in English and that you will use them the next time when a suitable situation arises.

Bis bald!





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